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We don't just paint cabinets; we refinish them with a unique application so cabinets can stay in good condition for a long time and withstand an aggressive kitchen environment. 

Please notice the difference in the cabinet refinishing process, the materials we use, and our competition.

Almost all our competitors use only two coats of acetone or water-based lacquer for refinishing.

We refinish cabinets with two coats of stain-blocking primer and two coats of enamel fortified with urethane for a smooth, washable, durable, and lasting finish. Then, we refinish the cabinet boxes frame and panels in the same color and sheen. Our finishes withstand the heavy use of kitchens and bathrooms.

One coat of lacquer is one mil thick, and one coat of primer and paint is 1.5 mils thick. Thus, our competition's finishes are two mils thick while ours is six mils thick.

Lacquer finishes are not recommended for wood cabinets; they dry hard and have no flexibility. Wood expands, and contracts due to weather changes, and joints tend to move, which might cause the lacquer finish to crack and peel off. Enamel finishes, on the other hand, are flexible and allow for weather changes without cracking and peeling off.

We are confident in our finishes, and we provide a five-year warranty on our finishes and products for San Diego cabinet refacing, refinishing, and new cabinets. You get only a one-year guarantee from other contractors. 




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