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Affordable and Ideal Cabinet Refacing Can Save a Kitchen Remodel

Cabinet refacing involves replacing the cabinet doors as well as drawer fronts, to apply a new matching finish for all externally visible cabinet parts. The changing of hardware acts as an option, and adding various knobs and handles improves the new appearance of cabinets greatly. Rather than breaking down all cabinets to install new ones, the refacing of existing cabinets at your kitchen saves a lot of money, effort and time.

The cabinet refacing is getting enormously popular because of the delightful benefits coming with it. Some of these benefits are -

1. Cheap method – The cabinet refacing is known to save averagely 50% off the price to replace with new cabinets. Plenty of money could be saved if this option gets applied in your kitchen. Mostly, the cabinets which appear drab or dull from outside are made solidly and in ideally good condition. In case the cabinet layout remains the same or just being varied or slightly modified, then it provides them with a face-lift.

The cabinet refacing acts as an ideal and economical which you cannot say no to. You can waste money unnecessarily if perfectly fine cabinets get ripped out for installing new ones using the similar layout. This surely indicates the value of this method.

2. No complications – The full kitchen remodelling involving all the cabinets being ripped out as well as replaced proves to be a tough task taking days to finish. The cabinet replacement needs extensive planning as well as variations in the schedules for fulfilling it. But, with the right person doing the task, the cabinet refacing acts very conveniently and it could be finished in even one or two days.

3. Minimal wastage – You will not find any need for replacing ideally good cabinets. They would likely end up somewhere in the landfill and contribute towards the hazardous waste accumulation. There is no reason to unnecessarily spend money when you have the refacing option.

4. Various options – You will find ample options associated with the cabinet refacing. The dark cabinets may be transformed to bright white. The old-fashioned styles can get modern. The flat doors could be replaced using raised panel doors. You can replace the knotty pine with the solid cherry or the maple coming in different glazes and stains. You can transform the discoloured peeling thermo foil to solid wood.

You can apply a new finish to the cabinet exterior as well as add new doors plus drawer fronts. You can also add new hardware to them. All this would make the older cabinets end up appearing just similar to the new ones. You cannot ask for anything better.

5. Many Finishing choices – You will find many veneering choices and colours to opt from while refacing the cabinets. The real wood veneers of oak, hickory, cherry, maple, birch and older are available for you to choose from. There is a wide choice of laminates as well for you to select. The appearance and grain of wood may be changed if we select any desired door as well as matching veneer. The new trim plus moulding finishes the task, and you can even add few glass doors for showcasing collectables.

The kitchen remodelling involves the cabinet installation and refacing. You can use this easy and cost-effective way to provide your kitchen with the desired facelift. This method proves very effective in the long run.

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