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Don't Tear Out Your Old Cabinets -- Reface Them!​

When you see old, worn-out, beat-up cabinets, your first thought is that it's maybe the time to tear them out and put in new ones. But you don't have to! Cabinets can be refaced at a fraction of the cost of a total replacement. If the boxes are still sound, you can transform the look of your cabinets through refacing techniques.


For years, homeowners have been praising the many benefits of RTF cabinetry, ranging from its durability to how good it looks. CABINET REFACING PROS offers a beautiful selection of premium constructed cabinet doors and drawer fronts that can be customized to any style, color, or finish that you desire. Here are some other featured benefits to help you decide:

  • Strong and durable

  • Beautiful in any décor

  • Easy to clean

  • Low maintenance compared to natural wood

  • Smooth, uniform, and consistent color (free of knots and grain patterns)

  • Waterproof

  • Nonporous

  • Warp-resistant

  • Won't twist or crack easily

  • Stanislaw Ziolkowski

How to decide on the Kitchen Remodeling Services?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Kitchen Remodeling will ensure a completely different look to your home kitchen. Standard kitchens are designed to fit the lifestyle of your family. Kitchen Remodeling requires proper planning before the start of the process. There are different ways home owners think to Remodel the Kitchen before the start of work. Some start by looking at Kitchen Appliances and others start collecting the photos of the Kitchen Style they want. Home owners get themselves into the exploration stage for a year or longer before they start interviewing the Kitchen Designers or Contractors. There are professional Kitchen Remodeling Service Providers who will plan the Remodeling and execute the plans swiftly.

There should be proper planning before the start of the remodeling work. These are some of the steps to help your kitchen remodeling work. The best advice will be to ask assistance from service experts who will do the job for home owners at a cost effective manner.

First decide on what you need for the kitchen remodeling

This steps is about the use of kitchen and finding the layout that fits the household’s lifestyle. Get idea from all the possible resources and take into considerations the factors that how many people are cooking here, including how they’ll need to move around it.

Research and plan for the remodeling process

You might be thinking of the best place to start the remodeling process. The best place to start is by formulating the scope of work and figuring out the preliminary budget. Budget and scope are intertwined and often change many times during the design process as you become more educated and able to reconcile what you want and what you can afford.

Find out the professionals fitted for the job

You surely need to work with the professional service providers at one point or the other. A professional will help you plan out the remodeling with installation of new cabinets and appliances at the place. These professionals will be able to help you with everything from contracts, and permits, to budget, shopping, set up of temporary kitchen, and managing the project.

Schematic design

In this phase, plan out the design of the kitchen which includes sketches, space planning, preliminary floor plans and elevations showing the layout and cabinet sizes. Plan out which material required to complete the installation of kitchen equipment.

Fixture and finish specification

Discuss with the professionals about the fixtures and specifications that will be added by the end of the kitchen remodeling services. The final result will be a marvelous kitchen that will suit your requirements.

There are many professional kitchen remodeling companies or agencies which assists the planning and exaction of kitchen remodeling steps. Kitchen Remodeling Masters is one such company that expertise in remodeling of kitchens. They design and build custom cabinets and presents new layouts to the client for cooking & dining needs. They incorporate the kitchen work through solid wood cabinets, farmed or frameless, at the best cost.

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