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Cabinet Refinishing - A Mini Makeover!

If your cabinets are outdated and old styled and you want to upgrade your kitchen but can’t afford to replace them, cabinet refacing and paining can be the best choice for you. Painting can work wonders on everything and cabinet remodeling is no exception to it. Painting cabinets can be wearisome and a time taking process. Thanks to professional kitchen remodelers who are there to help you out and serve your needs. However, if you are open to accept the challenge and want to save some cash, DIY can also be a good solution.

Path 0f DIY Cabinet Remodeling-

There are so many ways to paint your old looking cabinets but doing it with a small roller and paintbrush can be the best approach to opt for. Spray painting is also an option to choose if you want the process to move on more quickly. The path of spray painting is quick but it is tricky too.

If you are ready to handle the tiresome task of cabinet refacing and have made up your mind to get started, you are advised to first clear off the counters of your kitchen, empty the cabinets and cover the appliances and utensils. Having done these things, your next move should be to remove all of the doors, drawers, hinges and hardware from the cabinets.

While removing these things, don’t forget to label them out so that you may remember which one will go where at the time of reattaching. Also, be sure to put all of the hardware in a bag so that you may not lose any of these small items. It would be really best and exceptionally convenient if you can place a worktable in your kitchen. If you can find it feasible to fit a large worktable, a few same sized boxes or buckets may also serve the purpose.

Before starting the process of spray painting, you also need scrub the cabinets to get rid of any grease or residue so that you may stay assured that your paint will stick properly. Next, use a sandpaper to smooth out the surface. To ensure a nice finish, use caulk to fill in any gaps or seams. Furthermore, it's really nice to prime the boxes, door fronts and drawers before you embark on the painting process. Once the primer has dried, you can use a mini foam roller, an angled brush or spray paint to apply the paint.

Path of Professional Kitchen Makeover-

It is all about the DIY solution to remodel your old styled cabinets. However, if you don’t want to give yourself this much trouble or simply you don’t have enough time to put in the procedure but still you want to achieve professional outcome of the venture, it is highly advised to hire a kitchen remodeling contractor.

Give your old styled and stereotype cabinets a new look by painting them out. It is really an incredible way of giving your kitchen a mini makeover without digging a hole in your pocket.

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