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Don't Tear Out Your Old Cabinets -- Reface Them!​

When you see old, worn-out, beat-up cabinets, your first thought is that it's maybe the time to tear them out and put in new ones. But you don't have to! Cabinets can be refaced at a fraction of the cost of a total replacement. If the boxes are still sound, you can transform the look of your cabinets through refacing techniques.


For years, homeowners have been praising the many benefits of RTF cabinetry, ranging from its durability to how good it looks. CABINET REFACING PROS offers a beautiful selection of premium constructed cabinet doors and drawer fronts that can be customized to any style, color, or finish that you desire. Here are some other featured benefits to help you decide:

  • Strong and durable

  • Beautiful in any décor

  • Easy to clean

  • Low maintenance compared to natural wood

  • Smooth, uniform, and consistent color (free of knots and grain patterns)

  • Waterproof

  • Nonporous

  • Warp-resistant

  • Won't twist or crack easily

  • Stanislaw Ziolkowski

Kitchen Trends in 2018 and 2019

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Kitchen Cabinets are not just for storage. They are the most essential part of the Kitchen style and appearance. Together with Countertops they create a style and represent the owner’s personality, they are like a jewel that brings all elements of the Kitchen together. All other components of the kitchen are also important to get the final effect right but without good looking Cabinets and Countertops, your plan to design and renovate your Kitchen will never fully succeed.

If you plan to Remodel your Kitchen, Reface or Refinish existing Kitchen Cabinets, install new Cabinets and Countertops seek some professionals to help you with your project. We at Cabinet Refacing Pros, help our customers to achieve their goals with our knowledge how to do it, our half century experience and unsurpassed quality and workmanship.

Check our website and this blog for more info on Kitchen Trends in 2018 and materials used in Kitchen Remodeling.

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