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Refacing Cabinets With RTF Doors

We guarantee the highest quality of cabinet refacing products, "Made in America" only, and excellent artistry. And what is also important, our prices are 20-30% lower than our competition's prices, including Home Depot, Lowe's, Reborn Cabinets, Boyar's Cabinets, and others. Get estimates from them and compare theirs with ours.

Our RTF cabinet doors and drawer fronts are made in AMERICA, with no cheap EXPORTS.


For years, homeowners have been praising the many benefits of RTF cabinetry, ranging from its durability to how good it looks. CABINET REFACING PROS offers a beautiful selection of premium constructed cabinet doors and drawer fronts that can be customized to any style, color, or finish you desire. Here are some other featured benefits to help you decide:

• Strong and durable

• Beautiful in any décor

• Easy to clean

• Low maintenance compared to natural wood

• Smooth, uniform, and consistent color (free of knots and grain patterns)

• Waterproof

• Nonporous

• Warp-resistant

• Won't twist or crack easily

• No chipping

• Five years warranty for doors and drawer fronts


Almost all our competitors don't finish the inside and bottom edges of frames and boxes and underneath cabinet boxes. The reason? It's very time-consuming to apply melamine to those areas, and they are prone to peeling off. We solve the problem and refinish those areas as frames with primer and enamel. Problem solved!

See the door style and colors we offer.

All our products are made in America

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