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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing in San Diego & Riverside Counties

We Reface Cabinets with Made in America solid wood components such as doors and drawer fronts and frames with plywood or veneer, depending on the option. The existing structure can be saved and refinished with the same application as other cabinetry parts. Old and worn drawer boxes can replace new high-quality finished solid wood dove-tail maple boxes. 

We can modify your existing Cabinets, frame, doors, and drawer fronts and accommodate new Appliances. We can change your Cabinet layout and add an Island or rebuild the existing one according to your new desire. We can add features to improve storage space and conveniences like half-moons, trash pull-outs, Cabinets, and pantry pull-outs. We can add decorative details to enhance your style, like legs, half-legs, corbels, moldings, etc...

Old hardware can be replaced for soft-close hinges and drawer glides, new pulls or knobs can be added, or old ones can be re-installed. 

For solid color finishes (Painted option), if the frame and panels are in good shape, they can be Refinished with a Painted application to match new doors and drawer fronts. The painted application includes preparation, stain-blocking primer to prevent the old finish from bleeding, and two coats of Urethane fortified, high-quality Enamel, in satin, semi-gloss, and gloss finish, for a smooth, washable, durable, and lasting finish. Or all components, including frames, can be refinished with tinted conversion varnish to get the same quality of finish.

For Stained finishes, our application includes: sealer, two coats of Urethane enriched Gel-Stain to get desired color and depth, and protective coatings of Polyurethane for a smooth, washable, durable, and lasting finish.

Compare our materials and applications with that used by our competition. You will see that they mostly use imported ones in new, printed technology instead of Solid Wood components. This means that the core of elements is MDF or particle board with a thin, wood-like film for Stained Cabinets finished with tinted Lacquer. Whereas the solid color option uses light, the opaque film is spent with tinted Lacquer, too.

From practice, almost everybody knows Lacquer finishes are not durable and deteriorate quickly. Lacquer finishes are fragile and can be applied only in a thin layer; otherwise, they can get runs and cracks. They are straightforward to scratch, are not durable, and do not withstand extremely aggressive kitchen elements such as sunlight, grease, moisture, human sweat, and high-pressure use. One layer of Lacquer has one mil thickness, primer, paint, and urethane 1.5 mil. Consequently, our finishes are a minimum of 6 mils thick for painted and stained applications.


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